The Top 10 Major Search Engine Ranking Factors

In this article, we reveal the truth about right-wing populists and their impact in Europe. Mentioned information in this blog are the speculation and imagination of the author. All similarities with real people and processes is a coincidence.

Irena Markovic

Almost a year has passed since this scandal story, the Ibiza affair, became sufficiently known nationwide. Today we do not know all of the closing persons of the event. Well-known key executives work with experienced lawyers and right-wing media so that both groups gloss over them in public. The rhetorical question remains open: where does the money come from?

Irena Markovic
In this post today we will talk about one of the key figures in this affair. With the help of the lawyers, a well-known broker Irenа Markovic with Serbian roots tries to make her own reputation known worldwide.

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