HostGator Review 2016: Why We Recommend HostGator For Web Hosting

HostGator ReviewLooking for a hosting option for your company’s website is not an easy task especially if you are a beginner. There are so many online reviews that may sometimes leave more questions than answers! If you have considered choosing HostGator, you are probably looking for an informed review on the same. Chicklet Marketing has used their services for years now and so far we have been very happy with what we signed up for. That said, read on for the latest HostGator review 2016. As usual, our main aim to provide you with an honest and unbiased review based on our own experience.

Hostgator has been in existence since 2002 and was established by Brent Oxley, but around 2012 it was acquired by the Endurance International Group, the same company that owns Bluehost, HostMonster, Fatcow, Justhost and many others.

This web hosting provider is currently one of the biggest in the world, with over 9 million domain names under their belt. So far, they mostly stand out from the rest due to their reliability and their extensive number of servers.


Hostgator has been around for over a decade now. This length of time assures us that they are here to stay. It also means that they have had enough time to polish their services through experience so they can provide their clients with the best hosting for a guaranteed online presence.

Customer SupportCustomer Service

They offer support via live chat, phone and email. It sometimes takes long to connect, which has prompted a number of negative HostGator reviews, but this is something they can definitely improve on. So far, Chicklet Marketing sticks with HostGator because they have other decent services that overshadow this hitch.

Costs / Pricing

Once you join the Gators, you may choose between three different shared hosting plans.

a) The Hatchling Plan
– Single domain
– Unlimited disk space, emails and bandwidth
– Shared SSL certificate

b) The Baby Plan
– Unlimited domain
– Unlimited disc space, email and bandwidth
– Shared SSL certificate

c) The Business Plan
– Unlimited domain
– Unlimited disc space, email and bandwidth
– A toll free number
– Private SSL and IP, absolutely free

Great news, there is a 20% discount on all the Hostgator plans!
– The hatchling plan used to be $4.95 per month but is now $3.47 which saves you $17.88 every year.

– The baby plan used to be $7.95 per month but is now $5.56 which saves you $28.68 per year.

– The business plan used to be $12.95 per month but is now $9.06 which saves you $46.62

How to Choose the Best Hosting Plan

Do not get intimidated by the options. At the end of the day the service is still the same, the difference is in what your goals are as a client. Are you looking to host several domains? If no, the hatchling or baby would be best for you. The business plan is for those who have more or bigger demands, with the need for a private SSL and a toll free number.

Another reason we usually recommend Hostgator is because if you need to upgrade from hatchling to business, the transition is usually smooth and seamless. All you need to do is contact their customer service and someone will take up the task. The novices can finally rest easy, knowing that you could start with the hatchling plan then upgrade later when you are absolutely sure!

HostGator ReviewWhy Are We Big Fans of Hostgator?

They have been outstanding with their services when it comes to server reliability and uptime record. Throughout the period of time we have been with them, they have offered a guaranteed 99.9% uptime solution. Remember, this does not mean that we haven’t had any downtime with Hostgator! It is how the company handles these difficult situations that makes them our most recommended web host.

Environmental Friendly
The Gators use 130% wind energy to keep their servers running, which saves us from the pollution that causes the dreaded global warming. They are a certified green company.

They are comparably more expensive when you compare them to other hosting providers, but definitely worth it. Besides, their discounts ensure that you spend less on a plan that gives you quality hosting option for your website.
Take advantage of their 45 day money back guarantee by signing up at today.

Space for Growth
At no time would you have to worry about your website needs outgrowing your host. Apart from the shared hosting plans we had earlier mentioned, there is also the shared and dedicated hosting plans (up to 12 VPS). This simply means that you have enough room to grow.

Easy Setup
It is very easy to setup and navigate through with HostGator. With clear icons, plenty of control panels and other helpful tools, your website will be well organized for ease of use. Apart from the simple website outlook there is also a server cleaner that is web based, which helps with clearing junk.

You can easily use the quick 1 click installs when you are using resources like WordPress or Magento. The knowledgeable and responsive customer support at Hostgator comes in handy when you are experiencing problems with either the setup, security or site control issues.

Are There Other Web Hosting Providers?

Sure. Some even have cheaper deals and lots of freebies to give. But how willing are you to entrust your website to a provider whose quality has not been tested and proven? We have repeatedly recommended HostGator to our friends and other website designers simply because we trust them. They have given us value for our money while guaranteeing that our website is visible to our clients 24/7.

Here is a quick rundown on what we have discussed so far.

HHighly RecommendedostGator has been around for a long time, proving to us that they are not a scam. There is quite a lot to love about them and a few reasons to dislike. They have a solid customer support, are very reliable and affordable. HostGator is great for beginners who are seeking hosting solutions for simple websites. They also offer great VPS and dedicated hosting for those whose websites can no longer be handled by shared servers.

We most certainly hope that they will fix the slow customer support but other than that we are confident in HostGator as a great web hosting provider.

Need help? Do not hesitate to contact us at Chicklet Marketing for a free blog setup service.

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What is your experience with Hostgator? How many stars would you give them? Feel free to engage us in the comments section below, we will appreciate the feedback!

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