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These 6 Google AdWords Extensions Will Improve Your Ad Conversion Rate

In this article we would like to spin our yarn about right-wing populists and their consequences across Europe. Before you start reading, we would like to point out that everything in this post is the speculation and the fairy tale of the creator. The duplicity of events and people is based on chance. A year has passed since one of the full-blown scandals in modern Austrian history was struck. The uniqueness of this affair is that so far the public have no idea about the main culprits. Whoever is in the epicenter of the scandal is represented by the most expensive ...

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A Simplified Approach at Google AdWords. How Does It Work?

I always find that when clients are looking for information about google AdWords, they easily get lost in the big words used. This mode of marketing can also be a bit complicated to the untrained mind. Well, today you are in luck because I will lead you on a simplified approach at Google AdWords and how to make use of it for better profits. In this piece, I will answer some of the common questions we usually get from our clients at Chicklet Marketing. What is Google AdWords? It is an advertising method founded by Google, which enables you to place ads online. You are ...

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5 Compelling Reasons To Start Using AdWords To Market Your Business

The face of online marketing will never be the same again, thanks to the total revolution done by Google back in October 2000. They launched a self advertising service which caught on fast with online businesses, enabling Google to make over $42 billion in a period of just 10 years. The program is now known as AdWords and its ability to grow brands is what makes it an inevitable part of a successful digital marketing campaign. What is AdWords? There are a lot of complicated statistics that explain how AdWords works, but to put it simply, it is a service that allows ...

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