How to Choose Colors and Fonts for a Brand

Before coming up with a logo, there are some basic questions you must ask yourself. What is my brand message? How do I want this message to be portrayed to the public? Two of the best ways to achieve a unique brand image is through the color and font choice for your company logo. A perfect combination of these two will be a valuable asset that will serve your brand for a limitless period of time. Choosing the Right Colors for Your Logo Colors have an uncanny ability to bring back certain memories and to affect a person's mood. A smart logo designer knows how to use color ...

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Reasons Why We Love Print Materials (and You Should, Too!)

The key goal of any marketing campaign is to elicit a response from the target audience and what better way to achieve that than by using print materials? They are personal, reliable and tend to be more direct when communicating with customers. Although most people are shifting towards digital forms of advertising, print materials still hold an unshakeable position and are a very necessary and important part of a successful ad campaign. Why choose print materials? They have some advantages over the online ads that we opt for nowadays. - They Create a Long Lasting ...

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The Top 10 Logo Design Trends To Look Out For This Year

As a logo designer, you need to constantly stay in the know so as to attract clients. Brands want to tell their story and represent themselves in a creative way, but it is also important that they stay relevant. The company logo is a great place to bring out a brand's personality and communicate with consumers, so as a designer are you well informed on design trends? We have observed logo design trends and patterns in the past years and come up with the top 10 that are most likely to stay in the market in 2016. Hopefully, you will gain valuable information to ensure that ...

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