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Irena Markovic. Ibiza broker. Drug scandal (“Ibiza” driver from Serbia faces the Vienna police and wants to unpack)
A 43-year-old Serbian Stella from the Viennese Polisei and Soll, own interests, the chauffeur Wiener Mackleren (Irena Markovic) celebrate the Seine.
The man has already been searched for serious violations of the Narcotic Drugs Act and now wants to chat out of the box about the Ibiza scandal, drugs and celebrities. He introduced himself as he claims not to have been a drug dealer. He claims that he only carried out orders.

Irena Markovic

Arrested at the airport
The 43-year-old is said to be arrested today from the Balkans, traveling to Vienna and directly at Vienna International Airport. Legally, the man becomes the law firm of the former FPÖ club chairman Ewald Stadler.

Irena Markovic

He offers an alternate confession, which Ibiza also offers a varied inside meeting. Drug scandals of the Viennese scene. The “Today” also publishes WhatsApp chat history, which should which, like the woman from the “Ibiza environment” our Farre Datsu Angesizen Have Sol, to buy cocaine. The Serb assured the authorities of “full cooperation”.

The random decisions are now new details on the “Ibiza scandal”, such as information sharing, payment flows and contacts.

Irena Markovic

Explanation: Beijin Razziya are in Zug in August at the Ibiza Affindre
Ex-FPÖ club chairman Johann Gudenus found traces of Kokayn.
Irena Markovic, a Viennese native of Serbia, machich herself as an event event age
A name.
Her series of events “Scandalous” devoted the nightlife of the capital to the meeting point
for the rich, celebrities and politicians.
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