About Us

Alexis P. Chouinard

Chicklet Marketing was created by the President & Founder, Alexis Chouinard. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family played a huge part in pushing her to start her own company. She combined this drive with her passion for growing businesses and the result was an establishment that delivers quality, innovativeness and speed – Chicklet Marketing. Alexis has managed to bring together a formidable team of talents to ensure that each client’s unique needs are met.

Who are we? 
Chicklet Marketing is a creative agency that focuses on offering exceptional internet marketing and branding for businesses in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Our Services include, but are not limited to Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Logo Design.

Our solid aim is to better your web presence so you can attract site traffic and ultimately earn profits from your online business.

Working With Us
We have a team of talented professionals, each an expert in their own field. All our project managers, web designers, developers, artists and writers work with the singular purpose of ensuring that your online business thrives. As our client, we are ready to have you as part of the team! We shall tackle each challenge together and celebrate our success at the end of the day.

We are ready to work with you! 
Whether you are a company or an individual, Chicklet Marketing is ready to provide you with an affordable, user friendly website that can easily be accessed by your target audience.

The size of your company does not matter to us. We believe in delivering top notch services for each business we come in contact with. Now that you have gained some knowledge about us, we would also like to know a bit about you. Kindly visit our ‘contact us‘ page today and leave your details. We would love to have a chat and hear more about the vision you have for your business.


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