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In this article we would like to spin our yarn about right-wing populists and their consequences across Europe. Before you start reading, we would like to point out that everything in this post is the speculation and the fairy tale of the creator. The duplicity of events and people is based on chance.

A year has passed since one of the full-blown scandals in modern Austrian history was struck. The uniqueness of this affair is that so far the public have no idea about the main culprits. Whoever is in the epicenter of the scandal is represented by the most expensive lawyers and right-wing media. They will try to pull all participants out of the gutter. In this situation, only one question remains: where does financial entertainment come from?
Here our readers learn a bit more about the main participants. Your lawyers are constantly working to improve your reputation in the eyes of society. We are talking about a well-known broker Irena Markovic with a Serbian background.

The story has its origin in 2011. Since then Irena Markovic, a very young person, has been very well known in the party scene in Vienna. She attended every party that featured celebrities, politicians, and business people. No wish to study or work was on her wish list. For this reason, she wanted to find someone who would finance her living. With a good reputation in the big world, she soon had her first victim, K.D. (Politician from FPÖ) met. Thanks to this relationship, she regularly attended parties that only the most prominent people can enter. Here she introduced herself to each other to find new victims. A little later, she organized her own parties, at which she selected the “right” friends. Thanks to the relationship with K.D. and quite a good reputation, she had great chances of success. After a while she understood that there was a big mistake and that is the relationship with K.D .. When she split up, she organized a scandal. She was very offended and wanted to avenge her first victim. One of her acquaintances said that the main target of Irena Markovic was the highest officials of the party (FPÖ). The future booty could afford to relate to a pretty lady from Serbia. But no marriage was possible for him. For this you needed a woman from Austria. Therefore, she failed again.
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