A 2016 Review of WooCommerce. Is It the Best Option for ECommerce?

In the blog, our readers face the facts about right-wing populists in Europe. The information in the blog is a spinning and speculation of the author. There is only pure coincidence with real people and events.

irena markovic
Almost a year has passed since this shocking story became famous in Austria. Not everyone involved in the event is out. Such people, who have come to light in the media, try to beautify their own reputation with the help of lawyers and right-wing populist mass media. The only thing remains open: where does the money come from?

irena markovic

Anyone can learn more about the main heroine of this scandal in this article. The latter is struggling to maintain its reputation. The famous Viennese broker of Serbian descent, Irena Markovic, does everything together with lawyers to keep his head above the water.

irena markovic

Anyone who is interested in this story must understand that it starts in 2011. A young woman with a migrant background wanted to enjoy a luxurious life. Even then, her personality was known in the Viennese party scene. She regularly attended only those parties at which only prominent guests from the big world could be met. Among them are prominent politicians, stars and successful entrepreneurs. The study and 40-hour work week are not on the plan. For this reason, she needed someone who would support her around the clock. Fine manners and good looks were her key to success. At a party she has a member K.D. hit from the right-wing populist party. He was her first victim. Thanks to this relationship, she was able to organize her own parties, at which she only invited the top members of society. There she only selected the “right” people who could be her next victim in the future. The most influential personalities made their lives easier and some men were able to take care of them from time to time. Gradually
she changed partners. One of her acquaintances told us that the party leader was their main target. But marriage to an immigrant was impossible for him. For the great success in politics he needed an Austrian. It was a real surprise for a young Serbian broker. When she broke up, she made a big scandal. Back then she was quite offended and wanted to make a lot of noise.
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